Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Black Swan" and "The King's Speech" reviews

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in any particular location.  One of the things I love most about where I live is that there is, nearby, a movie theater that plays the stuff that's out in limited release.  In 2010 I've seen probably a dozen or more films that are foreign films, documentaries and the like, that are not films ever in wide-release.  Or, as was the case with today, films that are not YET in wide-release.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Older MySpace blogs now added

In case you're a little confused, no, Eartha Kitt did not just die and I didn't wait nearly 3 years to recap the 2008 Oscars.  I moved the MySpace blogs that I felt were worth keeping to here, as I'm wiping out my MySpace account today.  "Stuff It" is the only new blog for November 2010, besides this one.

Regular blogging will commence next week.  Rejoice.

Top Ten Most Unusual Things About Celebrating My Birthday and Easter on the Same Day

(This blog was originally written on 4/11/07 on MySpace)

The Secrets of Life...REVEALED!

(This blog was originally written on 7/17/07 on MySpace)

So it's a very common question, asked by many to many others, asked by many to manyselves, yet the answer is never easy.  I'm sure most times there isn't an answer at all.  The question:  What is The Secret of Life?

Let's talk The Spice Girls. Seriously!

(This blog was originally written on 8/14/07 on MySpace)

Don't be afraid.  It's OK.  We can talk about the Spice Girls.  They are doing a reunion tour and all, and whether we all want to admit it or not, there was at least one song 10 years ago from them that we loved.  Not to mention, we all probably had a mental picture of at least one of the Girls on all fours.  So let's take a look at the Girls today.  I personally feel they all have gone somewhere.  The question which direction?  I'll cover them from who I think actually has the most talent, going on down to the soccer player's silly wife.


(This blog was originally written on 8/30/07 on MySpace)

Now it can be told.

First off, for those who've never heard the term (or at least those who hadn't until I used it in a past blog), clubslutting is the act/art of going out to a club or clubs multiple times a week, every week, to the point of being a regular.  By that, I mean security doesn't even check your ID, the bartenders have your drinks ready and keep 'em coming all night without even worrying about money, the DJ's give you promos automatically and people you never would otherwise associate with can't get through the night without seeing you.  That, my dear readers, is clubslutting.

10 days until Halloween...

(This blog was originally written on 10/21/07 on MySpace)

...and I have no idea what, if anything, I'm dressing up as yet.  I might recycle the priest outfit, who knows.  At least it means I can have the schoolgirls sit on my lap again without getting odd looks...

R.I.P. Lillian Ellison, "The Fabulous Moolah"

(This blog was originally written on 11/3/07 on MySpace)

Someone remarked to me once a while back that I seemed to have a lot of blogs that had "R.I.P." in the title, and the reason for that is when someone passes who I had a fondness for or a connection with, I feel good in remembering that person.  Here today is one of those people.  She's not one I ever met but her impact on the professional wrestling industry is bigger than anyone could probably ever fairly convey.  Last night, The Fabulous Moolah passed away at her home in Columbia, South Carolina, where she resided for the better part of her life.

2007 Macy's Thankxgiving Day Parade

(This blog was originally written on 11/22/07 on MySpace)

*pats stomach*  Yes, Virginia, I ate cornbread stuffing earlier.

Saturday morning memories

(This blog was originally written on 12/5/07 on MySpace)

Things were so much more fun on Saturday mornings when I was young.

Nothing...and I mean NOTHING...was more exciting to a pre-teen megacartoonfan (no surprise I grew up and remain to this day an animation buff) than the fall season of new Saturday morning stuff.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that my life REVOLVED around this every year.  I would set my alarm, get up early and watch the stuff that was on before the REAL stuff would even air.  Anyone remember "The Patchwork Family"?  It was on CBS at like 6AM before "Captain Kangaroo".  Rags the puppet and the chick who hosted it were a part of my Saturday morning routine for years.  Normally I passed on the Captain though, for some reason that show just never held my interest.  No matter, by this time the sisters were up too and they would've preferred to watch "Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse", which suited me fine.  When that was on, I was busy eating my S'mores Crunch cereal anyway.

Roger Clemens: HGH or not, an AH to the fullest

(This blog was originally written on 2/15/08 on MySpace)

I could blog all about how the government needs a huge kick in the ass.  I could blog all about how we have wars going on (and on and on), gas and oil raping our wallets, an economy in the shitter and a bunch of bullshit artists running the country.  I could blog all about this "economic stimulus package" that won't help their cause.  But hell, me and everyone else will gladly and definitely take it!  CHA-CHING!  I could blog all about how despite these things, the senators and house representatives just want camera/face time to ignore ALL of the real problems, and instead spend countless hours and dollars talking to…


2007 Oscars recap and review

(This blog was originally written on 2/25/08 on MySpace)

Well, 14 right is about what I get every year, it seems.  I did pretty good in the start, going 3 for 3, and I got all the acting picks right.  But OK, during the 3 hours and 21 minutes and 31 seconds of the telecast (much shorter than I thought it would be, but you'll see why) I scribbled some free thoughtage, which we'll now turn into your Monday reading pleasure.

Movie popcorn...with or without spooge?

(This blog was originally written on 3/4/08 on MySpace)

I much prefer without.  I mean, jeez, you sit down with your $7.00 jumbo tub that they squirt that shit all over, you're with your date, the screen is still showing those slides with the 1-800-TICK-BITE ads, and by the time the lights go down just for the previews and the dancing boxes of Raisinets reminding you to turn off your cell phones, you have your shirt, your date's shirt, at least three people's hair, some Jujyfruits left over from the last person sitting where you are, random dirt and several ticket stubs all stuck to your fingers.  And unfortunately, the chemical reactions from this substance combined with several of the items you're now stuck to tend to omit some rather mysterious odors at times.

So this is why, Coyote say "WITHOUT!"

We have a pill for that!

(This blog was originally written on 3/12/08 on MySpace)

I often rant about commercials, and how most of them suck.  Much like other elements of pop culture, there is something about commercials in every decade that just are out of hand to the point of lunacy.  Example?  Sure!  How about in the 1980’s, when 1-900 numbers became the rage?  You had 1-900 numbers for more than just the time and weather and sex anymore, now you had 1-900-NKOTB and 1-900-WWF-SLAM and 1-900-COMEDY and literally every other thing you could think of.  But of course, you were gonna pay!  $1.99 for the first minute and 99 cents for each additional minute, or something like that.  If you watched commercials, every other ad was for 1-900-SOMETHINGOROTHER, and it was ridiculous!

Fortunately, times changed, and these ads disappeared.

3 hours of mystery meat

(This blog was originally written on 4/15/08 on MySpace)

Today's discussion, my birthday and my girlfriend's birthday within a week of each other.  We're celebrating two weekends in a row with dinners and stuff.  For the first weekend, our dinner needed to be booked in advance.  You see, it wasn't just any dinner, it was at a Japanese restaurant, and while I don't remember the actual name of what this experience is, what is basically entails is this:  you reserve a table and tell them you're doing this dinner.  The chef will prepare what is described on the menu as "at least" an 8-course meal.  You, the eater, receive each course spread apart over time.  The portions are just enough and spaced out just enough as well so you can actually have room for all this food.  This sounded like great fun, so we gave it a go.

Excuse me while I kiss this guy

(This blog was originally written on 7/7/08 on MySpace)

That's a "mondegreen".

R.I.P. Eartha Kitt

(This blog was originally written on 12/26/08 on MySpace)

January 8, 2009...Idiot Day

(This blog was originally written on 1/9/09 on MySpace)

Yes, the ultimate floating holiday, folks...Idiot Day.

2008 Oscars Review, Part 2 - The Landslide Cometh

(This blog was originally written on 2/24/09 on MySpace) 

 Best Supporting Actor was next.  Five former winners once again, but only one obvious choice this time around, and that was Heath Ledger.  As his parents and sister took the stage to a long standing ovation, they delivered a moving and eloquent speech that did not ever come close to schmaltz, yet plenty in the audience and yours truly as well found themselves without a dry eye by the time they finished, as we all said goodbye one last time to Heath and honored what truly was a remarkable, remarkable performance in "The Dark Knight".

2008 Oscars Review, thankfully NOT put together by Baz Luhrmann

[This blog was originally written on 2/24/09 on MySpace]

Well, I know I'm a couple days late, but with everything that was going on in my life last week, by the time the Oscars telecast wrapped up, I HAD to get to bed and get some sleep.  And even on Monday I still couldn't get this done.  But here we are, and here it is.  You knew I'd be blogging this one!  The Academy Awards!  They have come and gone once again, and I must honestly say that I enjoyed this year's show more than any in several years.

Stuff It

One of my favorite holidays is upon us once again.  And that means many things.  Parades.  Football.  Turkey.  98% off sales at 3AM at the stores on Friday morning.  But more than anything, Thankxgiving is about one of the great inventions in the history of mankind.  Yes, it is all about CORNBREAD STUFFING!

Monday, April 12, 2010

NHL hockey playoffs predictions

Nothing fancy's playoffs time and here are my picks.  I usually do pretty good in the first round but I haven't picked the right Cup winners yet.  Let's see if I get it right this time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

2009 Academy Awards recap

So today I undergo my annual hangover.  The Oscar race that begins each year in November and carries on for the better part of four months has once again finished.  I spent all day on Sunday popping on and off of the internet to get some scoops and photos from absolutely anywhere possible and kept the updates rolling on Facebook, including during the ceremony itself.  I'm not technically savvy enough to have done a live streaming blog or anything like that, but I can at least here present to you a general recap in that style since I was jotting down notes for hours.  Plus we've got some backstories and tidbits so this doesn't just turn into one of the 10,494 recaps you can find and read anywhere else on the internet.  So let us go back in time to yesterday...actually, that really doesn't sound all that dramatic, does it?  It's not like I'm channeling a time machine to 1934 or nothing, it's just 12-30 hours ago...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Hurt Blogger - 2009 Oscar Predictions

Last year wasn't a banner year for the Academy Awards.  Several great and beloved films wound up shut out of the major categories despite getting a slew of nominations otherwise (most notably "The Dark Knight" with 8 noms and "Wall-E" with 6 noms, but neither being in the running for Best Picture).  Meanwhile, films that no one had seen ("The Reader", anyone?) or weren't particularly fond of ("The Reader", anyone?) wound up stealing those said nominations.  Ratings haven't been good, critics haven't been fond of the broadcast, and generally the moviegoing public has been getting a bit jaded with the Academy pretty much liking everything that "we" don't.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't call it a comeback...

Yes, after many months of keeping my mouth shut (or, more correctly, my's a keyboard, y'all), I've returned to the blogging world.