Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oscar Nominations: What We Learned

There's always some surprise and maybe even some anger when the Oscar nominations come out.

"______ got robbed!"

"How could ______ get nominated and ______ not?"

"Meryl Streep again?!?!"

This year, there's a lot of disbelief that borderlines on aggravation, and I think the argument is ridiculous.  For only the second time in 20 years, there is an almost-complete absence of non-Caucasian nominees in the major categories.  The actors, actresses, screenwriters and even the cinematographers are all white, and most of them are also male.  Everyone is flexing their Twitter muscles today calling the Academy old and out-of-touch.  But let me repeat a sentence fragment from earlier:  FOR ONLY THE SECOND TIME IN 20 YEARS.  That means 2 out of 20.  Is this a pattern?  Is this an epidemic?  No, for Christ's sake, it's just the way it fell this year.  Diversity is not an Academy requirement.  No one cares if you're white, black, blue, green or orange.  No one cares what genitalia you're sporting.  Apparently everyone's already forgotten last year's ceremony.

Yeah, all this vitriol that's popped up in response to the nominations has me a bit pissed off, and I'm sure there's going to be people bitching and moaning all the way up to February 22 when the Oscars are handed out, but fuck 'em.  Get over it, people.  The ball bounces where it's gonna bounce.  When this happens 18 years out of 20 instead of 2 years out of 20, THEN you'll have a valid argument.

Enough about that.  What ELSE did we learn this morning?